Zagreb is OURS!


Zagreb is OURS! is a green-left political platform formed in February 2017 by citizens from all walks of life (activists, cultural workers, trade unionists, social entrepreneurs etc., many of whom have been previously active for years in social movements in Zagreb), with the aim of “building a new politics based on the principles of wide participation, inclusiveness and openness”. Following the example of Barcelona en Comú, the Platform’s policy agenda includes promoting participatory democracy and returning decision-making powers to citizens, democratizing public institutions, safeguarding quality public services such as schools and kindergartens and stopping the privatisation of public utilities such as the waste management system. The Platform envisions the future development of Zagreb as a socially just, green and multicultural city and and embraces Zagreb’s less privileged and more vulnerable among us, including those impacted by discrimination based on class, age, health, ability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, sex characteristics, nationality, language, religion, belief or lack of one, as well as other statuses and likely intersections.

In April 2017, the Platform formed a coalition with four left and green parties in Zagreb, creating for the first time an alliance of progressive political organizations in Zagreb. In their very first municipal elections held in Zagreb in May 2017, the coalition won 7,6 % of votes (4 seats) in Zagreb City Assembly, 21 seats in city districts and also 41 seats in local councils, with many of the elected representatives being young persons who have previously not been engaged in institutional politics.